Three-phase asynchronous electric motors – Selection and application

It is common that in engineered electrical engine applications and in many other practical cases, Gates AX34 having to compare load requirements with engine design features. There are several applications that can be driven correctly by more than one type of engine, and the choice of a particular type does not always rule out the use of other types of engines. With the arrival of the computer, we were able to improve the calculation, obtaining exact results that result in machines dimensioned in a more economical way for each application.

Low and high tension cage induction motors are widely used in the steel, mining, pulp and paper, sanitation, chemical and petrochemical industries, cement, among others, making it increasingly selection for each application.

The selection of the correct motor with regard to type, torque, power factor, efficiency, temperature rise, insulation, voltage and degree of mechanical protection should be made after a careful analysis, considering parameters such as initial cost, network capacity , the necessity of the power factor correction, the required conjugates, the inertia effect of the load, as well as the necessity or not of speed regulation.