Travitália Italian Restaurant

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At first…
The year was 1893. Some settlers from Fazenda Sete Quedas, in Campinas, finally managed to
buy their own land. What a joy! On October 27 of that year, the oldest members of the
signed the deed of the Farm that carried the name of TRAVIÚ.
The name is of indigenous origin and means COMPANHEIRO DE VIAGEM. If you look at the
bottom of our restaurant, you will see a beautiful hill that served as a point of reference for
the Indians when they went out on their hunts and expeditions.
The place
This place has always had a very strong connection with ITALY, their cultures mix a lot and that
was the idea behind the name of this place. Mix TRAVIÚ with ITALY. Therefore, TRAVITÁLIA.
And as cuisine is the tasty touch of culture, we also decided to mix a little bit here with a little
bit there …
Our menu is elaborated and reworked by many hands and ideas. We listened to our cooks, our
chef, our employees, our customers and food technicians to study the viability of the dish, not
forgetting to always create a link with Italian foods.
The pasta is all made here in the same neighborhood. There are four ladies who learned from
the “Italian breasts” and prepare everything with great care. As well as our sugo sauce, which
is made only with tomatoes, onions, garlic, green scents and basil, without any preservatives
or industrialized spices. You can tell by the taste.
We often search Italian websites and cookbooks to innovate or reinvent some Italian food.
All of this is done thinking about you especially! Enjoy!